The founders of the X-RUX brand designed this footwear stimulated by the need to satisfy the traceurs of the Wallsurfers Parkour gym in Montebelluna (Northern Italy) who, led by the founder and expert traceur Jacopo De Stefani, often complained that they lacked a suitable footwear to accompany their movements in a technical and performing manner.

Lucio and Gianfranco, two entrepreneurs with an extensive experience in the footwear industry and residing in the Montebelluna “district” – a territory known all over the world as the home of sports footwear and an exemplary model of Made in Italy excellence – set to work under Jacopo’s close supervision to create a unique product: the Parkour X-RUX shoe combined with the advanced Whippy Technology is now a true success story! 

Our philosophy

Passion and innovation are characteristics that we love to focus on in all our projects and we firmly believe in the value of thinking outside the box. Our favourite keyword is “technology” in every sense of the word! From the project to the outsourcing, from the moulding system to the finished product.

We only use latest-generation materials particularly to make our soles with in-built Whippy Technology. As such, they can only be processed with the latest technologies in the automotive industry. This has enabled us to be the only company in Europe to use the Whippy Technology.