WhippyTM technology

How we do it

The sole is the real stand-out feature of XRUX sneakers. 

The sole is made of Whippy™, a revolutionary compound that guarantees a perfect fit and outstanding lightness, flexibility, grip and shock-absorption ensuring every shoe is extremely durable and long-lasting. 

The combination of the sole and the expertly-designed upper is your assurance of first-rate comfort.

Trying is believing.

What is WhippyTM?

Whippy is a patented material which uses latest-generation robotic technologies and extensive laboratory research to combine two different polyurethane (PU) manufacturing processes.

What’s it made of?

Whippy is made of an exclusive blend of expanded PU and sprayed PU. This gives the compound first-rate chemical and physical properties which ensure outstanding performance.

What performance advantages does it offer?

A perfect fit and outstanding lightness, flexibility, grip, shock absorption and rebound. High resistance to abrasion and excellent dimensional stability over time.

Lightweight and flexible

Excellent shock absorption

Maintains its shape over time

Exceptional grip

Resistant to abrasion

One technology – three soles

Temptation, Time, and Strada:
three styles and three different uses.

Each one features an exclusive design and tread which has been specially developed to ensure outstanding performance for their specific intended uses.

Different soles, different uses – but the same uncompromising soft, cradling fit that is the stand-out feature of every X-RUX shoe.

A superb sensation of comfort that wraps and supports the foot and makes X-RUX sneakers an essential for any wardrobe.