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New Technology

Designed for PARKOUR

X-RUX has created a unique footwear, conceived and designed exclusively for Parkour. Thanks to the revolutionary Whippy Technology used for the sole, a high-performance product is obtained which embodies the height of technology.

Its advantage lies on its immediate response which leverages the energy created by pressing the foot to the ground during walking to return it at every step with the so-called rebound effect. The more pressure is exerted at each step, the greater the rebound force.

The need to better absorb impact during jumps and movements, together with the ability to convert the impact into new energy for the next jump, makes X-RUX footwear an indispensable partner in Parkour.

Technical features

• Captivating design based on a mix of innovation and performance, conceived to support the traceur’s feet during the execution of movements.

• New revolutionary sole fitted with the innovative Whippy material that combines the best of technology to guarantee the traceur high performance and versatility. Unaffected by cold temperatures.

• Exceptional grip, high shock absorption and an advanced rebound effect are some of the main characteristics of X-RUX footwear, obtained thanks to the use of latest-generation materials.

• Maximum sensitivity, minimum weight. The shoe is designed to guarantee the foot a feeling of direct contact with any type of surface, both outdoors and indoors.

Find out how X-RUX is born

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New Technology

Achieve high performance with the new X-RUX shoe thanks to its latest-generation sole and upper.

Innovative design

Choose from unique colours and captivating designs for every footwear category to stand out during your achievements.

High-performance materials

Experience maximum sensitivity for your feet and a feeling of direct contact with the ground thanks to the specific materials used for our Parkour footwear.