Welcome to the future of Italian excellence!

Virtus Segafredo Bologna Basket, an authentic symbol of excellence in the European sports scene, joins the prestigious X-RUX brand, renowned for its passionate commitment to innovation and experimentation in the sneaker industry, to create the V-RUX project: four unique models of Virtus-branded shoes.

An exciting project that embodies the perfect combination of two realities strongly committed to excellence and originality.

Design and engineering 100% Made in Italy, as well as every single phase of production and component realization. A commitment to Italian craftsmanship that is reflected in the extraordinary quality of these sneakers.

Wear V-RUX and be part of the future of Italian sports excellence!

Our sneakers

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The first 1000 pairs are already in production.


Made in Italy is a fundamental cornerstone for X-RUX. It is the cultural and expertise platform that allows the brand to constantly innovate and experiment from a technical and technological point of view, while also introducing new and refined elements from a stylistic point of view.

For this reason, every single component and every single production phase of the V-RUX sneakers is meticulously made in Italy.

Every V-RUX model is carefully crafted and thus becomes a physical testimony to the deep product culture, passion, and decades-long technical know-how that X-RUX's Made in Italy embodies.

Whippy® Technology

Every X-RUX sole is made from Whippy® Technology, a revolutionary material in terms of composition, processing, and performance.

X-RUX is the only brand in the world that has exclusive rights to its use.

This compound, a combination of two different polyurethane (PU) processing methods, ensures a perfect fit and a deep sense of comfort. Extraordinary performance in terms of lightness, flexibility, and cushioning, which envelops and supports the foot and makes every V-RUX sneaker practically indispensable.

Whippy® Technology also ensures high abrasion resistance and marked dimensional stability over time, making these sneakers extremely reliable and durable, as well as beautiful and comfortable to wear.