Italian craftsmanship and expertise give life to a whole new walking experience

An absolute excellence in the quality of the product that is born in the sign of the best Made in Italy tradition and thanks to the skilled manufacturing skills of the territory.

Passion, Knowledge
and Italian craftsmanship.

Three words that in X-RUX translate into the utmost attention to design, superior-quality raw materials, and meticulous detailing – your guarantee of a product that delivers style and comfort above all else.

A wealth of local talent, great passion and world-class expertise developed over many years mean products that epitomise legendary Italian manufacturing, and which are an authentic symbol of our culture, identity and tradition.

Famed Italian craftsmanship: we believe in crafting footwear which combines design, comfort, outstanding quality, creativity and exclusivity.

X-RUX was born out of the passion of two footwear entrepreneurs from Italy’s famed footwear district, and it’s here that we conduct all our design and prototyping, backed up by our many years’ experience in the design of sports footwear.

Our desire to pay tribute to this manufacturing tradition and our experience and passion for beauty and quality means we have chosen to produce our shoes exclusively in the Veneto region in northeast Italy. We personally select only the best raw materials and the most skilled local manufacturers to actively support business development within our area, with the aim of promoting local manufacturing to a global market.

An extensive network of skilled artisans gives us great manufacturing flexibility, ensuring we can adapt to meet any requirement.

At X-RUX we’ve always been sensitive to the individual needs of our customers, so over the years we’ve dedicated part of our production to cater to those who can’t find what they're looking for in the standard footwear market.

Trying is believing.

Exceptional comfort and outstanding lightness: experience the incredible walking sensation of X-RUX footwear.

Put your best foot forward and embrace the challenges of daily life: we construct all our soles using the exclusive WhippyTM technology. This unique material delivers next level comfort – try them and you’ll never look back.

Lightweight and flexible

Excellent shock absorption

Maintains its shape over time

Exceptional grip

Resistant to abrasion

Icon Collection:
An iconic collection born out of our innate Italian eye for beauty and innovation that represents the perfect teaming of outstanding comfort and a unique design.

_ Icon Collection Woman

_ Icon Collection Man